Why are French called frogs

It is no secret that the French are often referred to as frogs! But the real story behind the amphibious name remains unclear. The lack of clarity does not mean that there is any lack of theories regarding the origin though. In fact it is the number of stories that has made it harder to tell the real one from the fakes. Some also believe that each of the stories have had their contribution in giving the French the title of “frog”.

One of the popular story regarding the origin of the name states that there were frogs on the French flag at one time, which is before the adoption of the Fleurs de Lis. If at one time, the French indeed had frogs on their national flag then that could certainly be counted as a reason as to why they are called frogs at times.

In the 18th century, Paris was surrounded by swamps all around and the visiting French nobles called the people of Paris, frogs in mockery. The name became national later when all French became popular as frogs irrespective of their environmental surroundings. This is another theory, but it is also like most others in this case, an unconfirmed theory.

A more logical theory regarding the weird nickname is related to a French delicacy called cuisses de grenouille, which is a dish consisting of a kind of frog’s leg. The habit of eating frogs can actually give French people the nickname frog indeed.

American soldiers are also rumored to have given the French the nickname frog during the second world war because the French soldiers excelled in camouflage quite like frogs in the wild that are perfect ambush predators adept in concealing themselves perfectly. Another story related to the Second World War states that the nickname was given to french army officers because they wore coats that were closed with special buttons made up of wood and ribbon. These buttons were called “frogs”, and thus the name spread. After considering the stories that are heard and read, I believe it can be concluded, that there might be more than just one reason for the French to be called “Frogs”.