Why did we start wearing clothes

The tradition of humans wearing clothing dates back to ancient history and human development and is generally looked at from two standpoints: a Biblical development where clothing is the result of Eve eating the fruit from the forbidden tree and an evolutionary development that is the result of our changing body needs and lifestyles.

From a Biblical standpoint the process is fairly simple – Eve ate from the forbidden tree in Eden and, as a result, developed self-awareness to the point that modesty formed. Adam was prone to the same conclusion upon his consumption of the fruit, and as such the need for clothing in society was born.

From a historical developmental standpoint, however, it is a bit more complicated as the need for modern day clothes dates back to our own simple need for survival in ancient times.

Beyond simply providing modesty for society clothing provides the important function of allowing us to retain heat and protect our bodies in adverse climates, a necessity for pure survival. This is especially true as humans developed less and less hair on their bodies and therefore had less natural protection from their environments than many other animal species do.

As clothing from various animals and later plant fibers became more and more necessary for some tribes of developing humans to maintain their lifestyles it soon became a status symbol for many members. Those with power, for instance, would be clothed in the best possible outfits, while weaker members would be forced to wear poor quality clothes or no clothing at all.

Why did we start wearing clothes

This status symbol naturally then evolved to become more and more of a necessity at all times throughout the year rather than simply when it was needed in harsh conditions, marking those within the tribe at all times as individuals of power and deserving respect. Additionally clothing worked to attract mates, as high quality clothing would indicate a highly proficient individual within the tribe.

This trend of development has continued throughout human history until today, where high fashion is still seen by many as a symbol of both power and respect and is highly sought after by many individuals throughout the world for that very aspect.