Why do celebrities become scientologists

In a bid to provide scientology with greater acceptability, the Church of Scientology recruits celebrities who have made their mark in the field of politics, entertainment, sports or education. The primary duty of these scientologist celebrities is to aggressively promote the beliefs, teachings and philosophy of scientology. These celebrities have innumerable admirers and supporters — logically, by making such people scientologists, it becomes easier for the Church of Scientology to spread its wings and bring in more and more believers and followers.

Not every celebrity has the capability to become a scientologist. Before recruiting a famous personality, the Church of Scientology conducts some research work to delve out every known and unknown secret associated with him. Thereafter, a plan is created according to the celebrity’s key connections, his strengths and weaknesses, and his psychological and emotional fragilities. By learning as much as possible about the personality, it becomes easier to persuade him to become a scientologist.

Normally, only those celebrities are targeted who have already attained a respectable status in their field of expertise or those who are famous, but their life is inflicted with innumerable problems or those who are yet not famous, but have the earnest desire to reach the pinnacle of success. The advocates of scientology exploit the vulnerability of the celebrity and compel him to join the movement.
Once, a part of the Church of Scientology, the celebrity scientologist is expected to promote scientology in each and every aspect of his life. Moreover, it’s his duty to rope in other celebrities and convince them to join the scientology sect. in return, the celebrity gets several benefits like free services, huge discounts, special perks, commissions, world-class facilities and the like.

The Church of Scientology keeps stringent control over the celebrity scientologist. They are made to participate in a number of courses and counseling sessions. They are compelled to sign unverified testimonials, which are used different ways. They are forced to participate in a number of charity events and front-group functions related to scientology. With the passage of time, the reins of their career also go into the hands of the church. Due to all these proceedings, enormous social pressure starts building up and it becomes exceedingly difficult for the celebrity to escape.
Once, fully entrapped, the celebrity is left with no other option than to promote and propagate the principles of scientology. Although it is extremely difficult to come out the shackles, but some celebrities do gather courage to come out and rule over their life once again.