Why do farts smell

What we call fart is known as flatulence scientifically and it is a natural bodily process which involves the release of the excess gas formed inside the stomach during digestion, through the anus. The gases that are released by farting include carbon dioxide, oxygen, nitrogen, methane and hydrogen sulfide. It is this hydrogen sulfide that is chiefly responsible for the particularly smelly farts in humans. Therefore, the smell of your fart is directly related to the food that you have had earlier, because food rich in sulfur will increase the amount of hydrogen sulfide in your farts. What happens is that the microbes that help us in digesting our meals, also breaks down the sulphur in our food and releases the sulfur gases. Cabbages, cauliflowers, beans, eggs, meat, cheese and some other regular food items are high in sulfur content, so the more of these food items you ingest, the more your farts will smell.

A fart may be a social nuisance and it can create humiliating and embarrassing situations for the person, but it is still an essential bodily process. If we gulp down a lot of air during eating or if our stomach is unable to digest a meal entirely and properly, a combination of excess gas starts to fill up your stomach. The gas needs to be taken out of the digestive system in form of farts as it would otherwise cause serious gastric pains and other accompanying discomforts. Human beings usually fart up to sixteen times a day, and it is true in case of both males and females. Sometimes, due to the embarrassment associated with public farting, people hold the farts in. Though this may save temporary embarrassment, know that it is not a good habit and farts should be allowed to happen whenever possible to ensure health. If however, you are letting out smelly farts far too often and is keen on getting rid of the problem, then you would have to check your diet to find and reduce the intake of the sulfur-rich food items. Switch to a simpler diet to reduce the smell in your farts.