Why do hipsters like triangles

It is hard to define a hipster as the term is often used as slang, but basically it is a contemporary subculture that is followed by certain groups. Hipsters mainly include teenagers and young adults who follow a principle code of happiness. They believe in the power of being happy and are usually satisfied with whatever they do. Now, what most people are interested to know is how come these music loving, spirited group of people are so much attracted to triangles. The triangle is used by the hipsters to symbolize what they believe in and the kind of lifestyle that they follow. The Triangles on the hipster blogs or the triangle shaped tattoos on their body are New Age symbols that represent their culture and their beliefs. Alchemically speaking, the equilateral triangle symbolizes fire when it points upwards while the same represents water when it is pointing downwards.

Among the many reasons that claim responsibility for the modern hipster’s affinity towards the triangle, one claims that it is related to the band “Yacht”. Yacht is one of the most popular bands for the hipster community and since the lead singer has triangles tattooed onto his arms, these geometric figures might have achieved their popularity among the hipsters from him. However, this is just one of the reasons among a host of possibilities. If you want a more philosophical and more symbolic reason for the phenomenon, you would do well to look into the nature of the triangle as a shape that fits in most places. Hipsters are treated differently and sometimes even offensively by people. Some would not even allow them to live in a standard community due to their unique way of life and thus hipsters often end up being treated like outcasts. Thus, it is said that for the hipsters to adopt a symbol that fits in most places is a powerful sarcastic symbolism on their part.

There are other theories about the relation between the shape and the community also; some of them are about the influence of the Egyptian pyramids while others state that they are signs of a cult that the hippies follow. While many of these theories are popular, none of these are confirmed as the sole or the primary reason as to why the hipsters like triangular shapes so much. Whatever the reasons are, it cannot be denied that the two have a connection. The best bet is probably the theory that involves the band “Yacht” as it is the only theory that has a base. The triangular shapes can be seen in all the visual aspects of the band and it is very popular among the hipsters which make it the number one theory at the moment.