Why do I need Java

Java is at the same time a name for the programming language as well as a platform. It is a property of Sun Microsystems and it was released for the first time back in 1995. Java is required to access and utilize applications and games both online and offline. In fact a lot of the websites cannot function properly unless and until you have Java plug-ins installed onto your computer. Java is compatible with all popular operating systems like Mac OS, Windows or even Linux. The requirement and utility of Java is not restricted to computers alone as cell phones and gaming consoles also utilize Java to function properly. Java is quite easy to download because all one needs to do is go the official Java website to download and install the plug-ins directly onto the computer for free. Not only is Java free for the first time you download it, but you can also keep updating it for free each time a new version is released. It is important to keep the Java software on your computer updated on a regular basis because of both security and compatibility issues. Also the latest version of the software will naturally handle the java applications better and faster than the previous version.

What we actually download while downloading Java is known as Java Runtime Environment or JRE and this JRE comprises of the Java Platform Core Classes, Java Virtual Machine and the associated libraries. All of these parts together help the JRE run the Java applications smoothly on your computer. However, recently, there have been some doubts regarding the utility of the JRE as many claim that it is no longer a necessity to install and update Java onto a computer.

The doubt is due to the factor that “Flash” has managed to replace Java in quite a few applications which would have otherwise been dependent on Java to run. Although Java is considered to be one of the safest software, a few questions have been raised as newer viruses have managed to invade computers using Java controlled applications. None of these claims however are strong enough for anyone to totally disregard the use of Java, but if one chooses to, Java plug-in can be turned off from the “Tools” tab in most browsers.