Why do iPhones freeze

It is pretty sane to get the definition of an iPhone ‘freeze’ out of the way before discussing factors that cause it, and more importantly, the remedies to tackle them. It is pretty simple and there are no ambiguities involved in the definition. The iPhone is said to have frozen when it gets stuck at a screen and no matter what inputs you give it, it stays put, in other words, frozen. Another variation of the iPhone freeze is the stubborn black screen that visits iPhone users every now and then. The problem is the same, the iPhone does not respond to your touch inputs or the home key press. It is dead at the black screen. The reason behind such stagnation is the fact that the software controlling the iPhone malfunctions and thus, the functioning halts at that very moment.

Sometimes, pressing and holding the ‘home’ key for about six to ten seconds might do the trick, but it would not be a freeze then, technically speaking. The simple reason behind your iPhone freezing might even be that it is out of gas! Grab the adapter and charge it fully before resuming work with it. Restarting the iPhone with the aid of the Sleep/Wake button on the top might also do the trick in some cases. There might even be some inherent problems with some content like a specific contact entry or some multimedia file like a corrupted music file. Third party applications are inveterate culprits that make the iPhone freeze. Be on the lookout of such applications which might be causing the frequent jamming of the phone. Once you do track such an application down, try not using content from the same developers as the same problem may return to haunt you. And if you still are not able to get rid of the recurring freezes, you should reset the settings and see if it works out.

The situation is really alarming if even this doesn’t serve the purpose. The next step should be backing up all the important data on the phone. Once this is done, brace yourself and select ‘Erase All Contents and Settings’ from Settings > General > Reset. In order to restore the iPhone, ensure that you have the latest iTunes version installed on your PC. Connect the iPhone to the computer and wait for the iTunes interface to acknowledge it. Pick the iPhone from the Source list and notice the information in the Summary column of the main window. Hit the Restore button and wait. These measures comprehensively cover the rescue routes from iPhone freeze problems.