Why do nice guys finish last

If you happen to be a very nice guy and feel that pretty women are not usually attracted to you, then you should know that you are not alone. What that means is that people all over the world often feel the same way. It is possible that you have noticed a few good looking female friends of yours, make some really bad choice in choosing boyfriends. You could also have had feelings for some of them only to find out that they are not attracted towards you. This could be a total misperception or true up to a certain extent, but here are a few theories regarding the phenomenon.

The most common problem with men is that they mix up being nice with lack of a backbone. That means women are annoyed by guys who act too nice and depend on their acceptance and opinions a bit too much. You should treat a woman nice, but that should not mess up your original personality.

Nice guys are often shy guys and unfortunate as it is, women are not exactly turned on by shy guys. Nervousness and coyness are two associated features and they seldom manage to impress a woman. Confidence on the other hand is the key thing to impress women. Women are attracted more towards men who are confident, especially at social gatherings and most of the times when he is with her.

It is a fact that women do appreciate nice guys, but that particular nice guy may finish last with her, if he does not have other attractive traits other than the gentleness. It is an age old fact that strong men attract beautiful women, but that does not mean that you cannot be nice and strong at the same time, all it means is that you need to send out the right signals to her.

What it all comes down to is what type of a nice guy the concerned person is. When a woman says that she would like to date a nice guy, what she actually means is that she would like to date a charming and social guy with a strong personality who treats “her” nicely.