Why do people have nappy hair

‘Nappy hair’ is certainly not a self explanatory term and warrants some clarifications. This is the term used to refer to the peculiar hair pattern of African people, predominantly from the Western Africa territories. The thick and abundant coils of the hair, in close proximity to the skin of the head, constitute what is called ‘nappy hair.’ Though the natives might object to this rather unceremonious term, but the fact is that there is a lot in their hair that attracts attention and arouses fascination.

The question arises – what makes these people acquire such a unique hair style after all? The answer lies in the theory of evolution. This ingenious work establishes that a life form gradually adjusts itself to be more compatible with the environment. The West African regions are particularly well endowed with sunlight. The sun unleashes a blitzkrieg of rays for a major part of the day. These rays sap energy and fluid from the body. Imagine the deleterious impact of these relentless rays on the scalp, were it not for the protective covering of the interknit coil of hair. Thus, the steel wool like pattern of hair is a result of the self governed process of evolution for people inhabiting these regions. The same theory also goes a long way in explaining the dark skin color of the people from this region. Dark skin has a high melanin content. Melanin is equivalent to a naturally occurring sun screen inside the body. Obviously, more melanin means a greater level of protection from the sun. Thus, the seemingly strange characteristics like dark skin and ‘nappy hair’ are nothing but the adjustments that the bodies of these people have made, in order to exhibit better alignment to the nature of the physical environment they live in.

Over years, these traits have been embedded in their genes and are passed from one generation to another. Slowly and steadily, these features have been transferred to other breeds of people from across the globe through the migration of native Africans from one country to another. This is why ‘nappy hair’ are referred to and talked about in almost all the continents. The unique hair styles have become a part of African culture over the years. All races have their own special and distinct traits. Nappy hair makes an integral part of their aesthetic make up.