Why do people need education

Both formal and informal education is necessary for a human being as what we learn is what we use to lead our lives and survive here. Informal education includes some of the most basic teachings that we receive or learn by ourselves. What our guardians taught us right from the time when we were infants are the basic skills and knowledge upon which we survive and build as we grow up. Apart from survival, the informal education imparted upon us also teaches how to cope with the surrounding society and be a part of it. Perhaps the best examples of informal education can be cited in autodidacts like Leonardo da Vinci or Benjamin Franklin who managed to tutor themselves in a completely new field without any formal education related to that department.

When we use the term education, we immediately tend to think of what is actually formal education. Formal education may involve the basic math and English lessons that you learned at school, to serious college and university degrees and everything in between. Formal education, even in its simplest form, teaches us how to do basic calculations, how to count, how to read or write and other basic things that are essential in our day to day life. As you educate yourself further, more opportunities open in front of you as your skill level and knowledge keeps on growing.

It is only with proper formal education and specialization that you can apply for and get good jobs. Especially in today’s modern society, it is essential to be well educated both for social standing as well as financial security. It should be noted that many of the geniuses throughout history did not complete or receive much formal education, but that did not stop them from becoming great. Now, these were people with extraordinary intelligence and although it is exciting to cite them as examples, you must remember that the numbers of well educated people who have succeeded in life are significantly greater. Even if one has a job, his income will be hampered severely if he did not complete his education properly because employees with higher education are not only paid more, but also move up the hierarchy quicker.