Why do people smoke

The mere mention of cigarettes and smoking takes a non smoker to a dark and dingy world with malodorous fumes swirling all around. And really, this holds true for most people who do not smoke. And when one gives it a deeper thought, justifications do not take much time emerging. After all, smoking is as deadly as any disease known to medical science. Like a cancer it eats away all the vitality of the human body and renders a healthy human being a pitiable mess of flesh and bones. As a matter of fact, nicotine cigarettes are nefarious worldwide, courtesy their addictive nature. Not only does smoking lead to losing one’s appetite, it also disturbs the smooth working of the internal circuitry the human machine. And the worst part is that we have still not even mentioned the most devastating aftereffect of inveterate smoking — the blackening of lungs. Truly, there is much more than a mere metaphorical meaning to the phrase. It would not be too far fetched to say that a habitual smoker’s lungs are like the insides of a car’s silencer! And all this information is pretty well publicized. Then, what makes people jump into this quicksand, despite being well aware of the dire consequences of the act?

Surveys suggest that the major portion of the increment in the number of smokers all over the world may be attributed to the teenaged population. It is really shocking to note this, considering the advent of the information and technology age. It is no rocket science to deduce the reasons. The fragility of the human mind contributes heaps to the spread of this plague. It all begins with a weak moment. A craze to defy the norm, a rush of adrenalin upon being challenged to smoke by a friend, the misconception that smoking is ‘cool’ and inspiration from the overwhelming images of superstars glorifying the cigar on the celluloid — these are the major gusts that push an individual to jump from the cliff of abstinence.

It is naive to think of ‘just giving it a try’ and then ‘never touching it again.’ Like a leech, the habit of smoking clings onto its prey and doesn’t part till it has had its diet of its host’s blood. Smoking leads to an immediate energization of the body in the prime of the addiction, and this sudden burst of energy is too much to sacrifice for the addict. The result is that one cigarette leads to another and so on. Though the states have strict norms to warn the people about the banes of smoking, the truth remains that cigarette industry keeps rollicking on.