Why do we have gallbladders

The liver bile passes from the liver to the intestines and while the bile is on its way, gall bladder is the organ where the liver bile is stored. Bile is the name for all the toxins and waste products that remains after our liver filters the blood of all its impurities and harmful contents. Although bile is the waste product within our body which is filtered out of our blood stream, there is a reason as to why it is not entirely eliminated but instead, is stored inside the gall bladder. Bile, apart from being the body’s waste, is also useful for breaking down fat and cholesterol. Therefore, when there is a need for the bile in the digestive system in order to break up the excess fat, it is released by the gall bladder to do the job. Fat and cholesterol may cause some serious problems if they are not properly and regularly broken down by the digestive system.

Many suffer from gall bladder problems and as a result, it is often necessary to remove the gall bladder through surgery because if the gall bladder bursts due to blockage or some sort of an infection, the ensuing effects could be very dangerous for the person. As the gall bladder is not a vital organ, the person whose gall bladder is removed will not suffer from any major problems. That however, does not mean the person will not experience any effects at all; as the bile will not have the facility to flow efficiently from the liver and into the digestive system to break down the fat globules, the person would need to watch his/her dietary fat consumption to ensure that he/she is consuming as less fat as possible.

A person without a gall bladder may also be required to take artificial bile supplements in order to digest the excess fat. Alternative treatments that offer solutions by combining medicinal herbs and modern technology were developed by the Chinese to invalidate the necessity of removing the entire organ through surgery. Someone with a gall bladder stone or infection, who is not willing to go through the general allopathic treatment of removal through surgery, should definitely check out the non-surgical techniques first.