Why does everyone hate Justin Bieber

Even as the beats of ‘Baby’ and ‘One Time’ continue to make teenagers dance their hearts out in the clubs and parties of the world over, a section of the society keeps on spewing nothing but venom at the mere mention of the name of Justin Bieber, the new kid pop icon the musical block. Called JB by his fans (and there surely are thousands of them, and even more who try hard not to admit to the fact in fear of embarrassment at school), the boy literally rocketed on to the pop dance floor with his smash hit ‘Baby’. The sugary voice that almost sounded like that of a girl took the world by storm. However, this was sometime more than an year back, and it certainly has not been easy for Justin Bieber to continue his musical career, definitely as far as public opinion about him is concerned.

For seemingly no fault of his, a faction of the society has simply shunned him as a wannabe. He is known to have posted his videos on sharing sites, experimenting with all sorts of music, succeeding at some and almost plundering some (reference to the particularly disliked rapping attempt video). However, his musical success and fame are real entities, and colossal ones at that. The magnitude of fame and money that has been showered on JB has made him more foes than friends. People have not liked the sight of a young boy barely showing signs of puberty making fortunes that even millionaires took year to make, and this is one of the prominent reasons behind the hate winds blowing against Bieber. And then, there are people who get irritated when they see nothing but JB all around them; on the T.V., on the billboard, on the news, everywhere.

And when one considers that there have been better teenaged singers with more pronounced voice quality and musical acumen, the dislike instantly undergoes a metamorphosis into hatred. A very important thing to keep in mind here is that the American music industry is a very fiercely competed one. The fact that JB has been able to withstand the hate attacks from all quarters and maintained his position as a teen sensation for quite some time now indicates that his detractors would have to sip a bitter medicine sooner or later.