Why does love hurt

Although being in love is considered to be one of the best possible feelings, it cannot be denied that people often get hurt in love. One must remember that the feeling of loss, depression and melancholy stems from the fact that people in love are usually attached deeply with each other. Just as the body experiences pain when something physically attached to it is removed, the mind also experiences pain when someone emotionally attached to it is no more there. How much it will hurt would depend largely on the strength and depth of the love that existed in between the two individuals. In other words, the degree of attachment and involvement is directly responsible for the amount of pain which a particular relationship can cause to the ones involved, if things take a bad turn.

A point to note is that love does not only hurt when relationships break; it also may hurt the ones involved while they are still in a relationship. It is this kind of hurting that often leads to the end of the relationship itself, which of course, hurts in a different way. Although the persons involved should always try to resolve the problems rather than breaking the relationship up, it cannot be denied that at times, it is better to come out of a bad relationship than continuing to suffer in one. Bad relationships hurt more than breaking one up.

why does love hurt

Love may also hurt when the feelings of attraction, trust, care, support and expectations are not returned, or in other words, when the exchange of love becomes one-sided. This would of course hurt the one who is giving, rather than the one who is receiving. Such a one-sided relationship should not be continued and though it would be very hard and will hurt in a different way at the beginning, over time, the hurting would seem to be of much less intensity than dragging around a relationship with no returns.

There are many reasons as to why a relationship might cause more pain than happiness and the most common one is incompatibility. Incompatibility leads to lack of understanding, trust and eventually a gap is created between the couple. Incompatibility may arise from a whole lot of reasons, like age difference, contrasting backgrounds, conflicts in interests, insurmountable difference in the thinking processes etc. None of these reasons would matter however, if the couple can find something common to help them look past everything that is standing in between. It is for that reason why some of the most successful lovers are the ones who are poles apart from each other.

A very bad case of getting hurt in love is experienced when one of the partners lose interest in the other. This may lead to external affairs or once again, a dragged relationship. People who are left behind in love are the ones who get hurt the most. It is mostly a helpless situation that probably has no guilty parties, but the one still in love is usually hurt pretty badly. The longer the relationship is, the deeper the wound may be, but not necessarily though.

Probably the worst kind of hurting that one can receive while being in love is the kind that involves the death of a person. Love relationships do not only exist in between couples, but they are also existent between friends, parents and their children, siblings and a whole lot of other relationships that can grow in this world. Death is the one kind of loss that hurts every relationship that was made out of love. There is hardly anything that can help someone who has lost someone to death, other than the all-healing time. Wonderful as love is, it may not be permanent. It is for this reason that the theme of “carpe diem” is applicable when it comes to love relationships; enjoy what you have with whom you have, while you have it.