Why does my cat lick me

Some people believe that cats lick people because of the salt they taste on their skin. While this may be true, there is another underlying reason as to why cats lick us. Often, it is simply a sign of affection. In the wild, cats often groom each other to show they are accepting the receiver into their group. It is seen as a welcoming gesture and a sign of acceptance.

Depending on where the cat is licking the body, it could determine the type of signal it is trying to send. Licks on the arms or legs are generally seen as simple licks of affection, as if the cat is saying he is comfortable and happy. Licks on the face or nose are also signs of acceptance, but there is more to it than that. These licks are often given as a means of respect for pride leaders, and if your cat is licking your face and neck, or even your hair, this is a sign of respect for you as its leader. Since the first thing a newborn kitten learns from its mother is licking and grooming, this is the best way cats know how to show their affection.

In addition to licking, there are other signs which your cat can give you to let you know it loves and respects you. One of these is headbutting. Cats who headbutt their owners are seen as giving the equivalent of a bow in human communication. In addition to headbutting, cats will often rub against you in order to mark you with their scent. This action extends to rubbing on the furniture in the house, which is why many cats can be seen rubbing their heads all over most everything in the house.

Some cats will also lick and suck things, such as wool clothing or furniture. If you find your cat doing this, it is either a sign that your pet was weaned too early, or the cat may need more fiber in his diet. These responses are all instinct responses to living among a group. Cats accept humans as leaders of their pack, which is why they offer these different types of behavior to their humans. The ultimate sign of acceptance, though its gross, is if your pet brings you a gift in the form of a dead bird, or mouse. The cat is offering you a meal, which means he feels comfortable and safe enough to share food with you.