Why does my computer keep restarting

Unprompted restarts are commonplace and irritating as well. You spend hours making an excel worksheet, lean back on your chair once it is complete, stare at the meticulously filled data on the screen. You are about to hit the save button and pat yourself on the back when a bolt from the blues strikes you in the face. Something inexplicable forces your computer to restart and you are left at the mercy of the Auto save feature. You might not always be this lucky, and need to act right away if your computer is in a habit of rebooting inadvertently. Setting it right beforehand is much better than doing it after a serious loss of work. It is best to start with the inspection of the power settings of the computer, as it is pretty likely that this problem is being caused by some miscalculations in the power settings.

Check if the computer has been instructed to go to standby/sleep mode after a certain waiting period. Making appropriate changes in the power settings can alleviate the unprompted restarting problem. However, if this is not the problematic area, it is in good likelihood that the power supply is the culprit. The power supply constantly updates the motherboard with the status of its power signal. This power good signal has got to be within the tolerable limits of the system. Whenever the output of the power supply is not enough to run the system, or if it is too strong, the power good signal breaks off and the system has no option but to restart. Absence of this power good signal for even a single second can trigger the restart. Other issues with the power supply arrangement for your computer may also lead to uncontrolled rebooting of the computer. For example, it is common to experience this situation if the line delivering the power to your computer is the one catering to other heavy electrical appliances like air conditioners, microwave ovens and refrigerators. These devices are pretty demanding on their power requirements and may render the branched supply to the computer insufficient for continuous running.

The way out of this is by giving a new line to the computer so that it works independently of the appliances mentioned above. You may also attempt at replacing the outlet that you use for giving the supply to your computer. These simple troubleshooting tips shall suffice in ensuring that your important works on the computer are not subjected to unfortunate computer crashes.