Why does my dog shake

Dogs are the most loved pets on earth, and there behavioral exhibitions always seem to attract a lot of attention. Dog owners are pretty baffled sometimes to see their adorable little pet shake, and inexplicably so. The reasons may be trivial, but sometimes they may even be the alarm bells for some immediate action on the owner’s part.

A dog may shake uncontrollably when it is suffering from immense physical pain. This is their way of conveying their discomfort to their owners. It is better to check the dog’s body for wounds and fractures if it keeps on shaking. The damage may sometimes be emotional as well. Dogs develop an emotional affinity sooner than many other pets. Separation from the previous owner could well be a reason for the shaking of your new pet dog. Also, the cute little puppies generally shake when they cannot find their mother nearby. It is pretty normal for the dog to shake while it is bathing, but if it continues to do so even afterwards, you would be better off consulting a veterinary. Also, such dogs need to be clothed with extra care and cushion. Sensing trouble from follies can make even humans shake, and dogs emulate humans in this regard. Seeing a rather well endowed brute dog in the neighborhood is enough to send the shivers down the back of your dog, and it starts shaking. As the dog ages, its nervous system starts weakening. This makes the dog prone to epileptic fits, which cause it to shiver incessantly. Old age also leads to the shaking symptoms in dogs, just as it does in humans.

Dogs also have their own peculiar body characteristics. It could well be the case that shaking softly is a part of your dog’s body make up. Sometimes, dogs start shaking just for the fun of it, and sometimes it is because of their uncontrollable body fat. Thus, it can be safely established that minor and intermittent shaking in the dog is pretty normal and there are many harmless factors behind this. However, if the shaking is persistent and pronounced, you need to be alert and consult a dog specialist.