Why does Queen Latifah have a scar

Queen Latifah is a multi talented woman, put very simply. Actor, singer, rapper, orator; she has seen it all and done it all. This 1970 born American star has a mantle full of priced art awards such as the Golden Globe and the Grammy. Charisma oozes from her personality, and she continues to be the heartthrob of many, despite the fact that she is not the youngest around the industry and certainly more cosmetic and diva tagged actresses and singers around.

‘Queen Latifah’ is actually the stage name for the real Dana Elaine Owens. ‘Latifah’ in Urdu means something very delicate and soft. And this brings us to a very interesting incident in her life. All those who have seen her perform some breathtaking acting roles in movies and some equally stunning rapping act on stage would have noticed a rather long scar on her forehead. There hasn’t ever been any official recorded statement from the Queen herself about the origin of the scar, but the news around the industry is that it happened when she was just three years old. She is said to have been playing around the house with her brother when she accidently got her feet entangled in a phone cord and fell head first. That was the moment when destiny etched a two inch scar on the forehead of the woman who was going to become a world renowned stage performer in the later years of her life.

It is quite surprising to note the confidence with which the lady lets her scar be, without any attempts to cover it up. In her own words, she would never even think of hiding her permanent scar. Like a true brave heart, she has come to terms with the fact and is ready to live on. It is simply astonishing that she regards the scar as a characteristic of her forehead and does not bother about it despite being in a relentless industry that thrives on presentation and packaging. Queen Latifah is an all out entertainer, and she has been doing a pretty remarkable job at it for several years now, and the best part is that she is still going strong.