Why does turkey make you sleepy

The myth that turkey makes one sleepy is bound to come up every Thanksgiving dinner for discussion. This is, actually, a very interesting issue and warrants some detailed analysis. Actually, the sleep is a result of several ‘sedatives,’ the most prominent one being the exceptionally large amount of liquor and the sumptuous meals accompanying it. Turkey makes for a small part of the culprits list, but anyways, it features on the list unfailingly.

Most meat forms are rich in an amino acid called Tryptophan, and turkey manages to excrete the same in a slightly grand dose. Tryptophan is indispensible for the creation of certain essential body proteins. Also, this amino acid catalyzes the making of a sleep regulating neuro-transmitter called serotonin. Although turkey releases some serious amount of tryptophan in the body, it can’t be singled out as a sleep causing agent. Generally, a meal comprising turkey is bound to have a healthy serving of other delectable dishes such as those containing potatoes, breads, beans and pies. All these edibles contribute generously to the induction of a feeling of slumber onto you. There is a very interesting chemical war inside the body during such meals.

Most ‘dinner’ edibles are equivalent to bombs of carbohydrates. A whopping carbohydrate count is established by all the food items mentioned above. Consequently, the process of insulin release process hits top gear. Insulin sweeps off most amino acids from the blood stream into the muscles. However, it does not treat tryptophan in this manner and fails to cast an impact, leaving it on its own and free to advance to the brain where it establishes its serotonin factory. This happens because the route to brain is not crowded by the traffic from other amino acids (which have been accounted for by insulin).

There is a probable answer to the query as to why turkey was stuck with the reputation of being a sleep inducing meat. Turkey does not feature regularly on most house menu cards. And even though most meats behave similarly, turkey manages to attract attention because of its exclusivity.