Why is aerobic exercise important

The human body is a complex machinery. Several intricate processes work in immaculate interrelation to power the human body. It is thus extremely important to identify the beneficial activities that one can undertake to strengthen the body fabric. Aerobic exercises make an important class of activities that one must look at for the efficient and long term sustenance of the body.

From the hearts to lungs, the blood stream to the muscles, aerobic exercises leave lasting impressions. Heart is the central regulator inside the body, and aerobic exercises result in a strong and healthy heart, and in this way, a healthy and strong individual. It is so important to understand that like all muscles, the heart too has the potential to grow. Aerobic activities strain the heart in carefully incrementing degrees, thus forcing it to adjust to the increasing oxygen demands of the body. In this manner, the stroke volume of the heart improves over a long period of exercising. No wonders that professional athletes have hearts twice as efficient as ordinary humans. And just like the heart, all other muscles of the body mature over a period of regular exercising and the cumulative effects of this gradual build up of strength make themselves evident in a few months’ time. It is heartening to note the ease with which strenuous tasks can be undertaken by those indulging regularly in aerobic exercises. The oxygen absorption capacity of the muscles also improves with aerobic activities, thus the overall efficiency of the body is catapulted to a new level. Mitochondria, though they sound like the scientific name of some nascent insect species, are actually the biological entities that break the fats and carbohydrates inside the body to produce useful energy.

It logically follows that more mitochondria mean more energy. Aerobic exercises are sure shot techniques to improve the mitochondrial count. And the best part is that regular exercising can show the desired results within a matter of a few weeks. Taking some time out daily for aerobic exercising is much better than risking the complete development of the bodily machinery and thus inviting the attack of diseases in the long run. A healthy heart is as good as any medical insurance in the world, and there is no better way to achieve it than through aerobic exercises.