Why is breastfeeding better than formula

There are many reasons why breastfeeding your child is considered healthier and better for both you and your baby. It is true that there are essentially no problems with choosing to not breastfeed your child — many mothers have done so with success and others out of necessity. However, if you have a choice, you should choose breastfeeding. Even the celebrities are latching on to this recently, by participating in many breastfeeding campaigns and promoting it. Below, you can read the real benefits of breastfeeding your child.

  • The promotion of mother-infant bonding
    Many mothers experience breastfeeding as an opportunity to bond with their child. Studies have shown that this mother-baby bond is significantly stronger with a child who has been breastfed, as opposed to those on formula. Health professionals even go so far as to say not properly holding your child can lead to your child having difficulties developing. It has also been revealed that during breastfeeding a mother releases a chemical called Oxytocin, which is a natural stress reducer. It not only encourages bonding but also a clam and stress-free mother.
  • Nutritional value is significantly bigger than that of formula
    Breast milk is actually easier to digest for a baby than formula, and so the baby is able to absorb more nutrients through breastfeeding than they would through formula. Breast milk also contains natural antibodies to help build up the immunity of the baby and protect the child from various problems, such as gastrointestinal distress. It has therefore been shown that breast milk is not only full of many more nutrients, but is also better for absorption and contains essential antibodies to keep your child healthy.
  • More grey matter
    It has also been suggested that breastfeeding can lead to smarter kids. A number of studies have shown that breastfeeding results in enhanced brain development. The average IQ of children that had been breastfed was significantly higher than that of those who had been raised on formula. While this may seem a bit far fetched, it should definitely be considered when deciding between breastfeeding and formula.
  • Good for mother’s figure
    As it turns out, many mothers who are nursing for around six months will recover their figure much more quickly than those who do not. In fact, breastfeeding is said to burn approximately 500 extra calories per day. On top of that, breastfeeding is also good for the mother’s overall health as well. Many mothers who breastfeed are reporting lower blood pressure and a calmer disposition.

It’s important to remember that while there are various different schools of thought on this issue, you should only choose the route that you are the most comfortable with. Once you know the facts, you can make a balanced and personal decision when it comes to breastfeeding or formula.