Why is everything made in China

It can often seem that whatever you look at around your home has some indicator that it was “made in China”. This includes toys, electronics, clothes and much more. Indeed, it can sometimes appear that almost everything is made in China. There are several reasons for this.

First of all, China has a relatively huge population and this leads to cheap labor. After all, it is better to have a job that doesn’t pay very well than to not have one at all — and jobs are not so easy to come by. Although the labor is also cheap in places like India and Africa, the truth is that the industrial stability of those other countries is very poor. China has a solid foundation in industry and the necessary support for factories to survive. China also has few companies active in research and development, which means the factories are more production lines than anything else. They do not invent or develop much technology which enables these costs to be overlooked and the overall cost of production to fall.

A more controversial view takes into account the prevalence of slave labor in many of the world’s poorer countries. Although China is by far not one of the worst offenders for this, it still happens. Even in recent years children are still being forced into slave labor to save money and lower the costs of production. China has traditionally been very good at hiding its use of slave labor from the rest of the world, which made it very hard to fight against. However, they are getting much better. Still opposing the abolishing of child labor are the views of several powerful politicians in China who firmly believe children should have to do some manual labor. One such example is Feng Shiliang, who declared that schools should not be outsourcing cleaning and maintenance to property management companies. Instead, they should be using the children for this work. This is aside from the fact that some 9% of the eligible adult workforce of China is currently without a job and unable to get one. This is an estimated 18 million unemployed adults.

Aside from this, China has good trading relations with many countries. Many places, including the US, have chosen China as one of their favored supplier nations. This means bulk shipping orders of massive quantities of merchandise can lower the cost even further. If the import of goods from China wasn’t as significant, it also wouldn’t be as cheap. There is also China’s future to consider. Many think that China has great potential for future domestic sales as the economic situation improves. Setting up factories in China will enable them to capitalize on this when it happens. Thus, many factories are opened in China for this reason. At the moment the major domestic industry is cars, but this could change in the near future.