Why is family important

Human beings are social animals and therefore they need human contact and relationships in order to lead a proper life. Of all the social relationships that are formed by human beings in a lifetime, family ties are considered to be the closest and most important. Family may mean your first and immediate family which might consist of parents, grandparents, siblings, cousins, aunts and uncles or it may mean the family that you started, that is you, your wife and your children primarily. However, irrespective of whether it is your parental family or the family that you started with your spouse, family is always important. The importance of your parents and grandparents might be absolutely vital when you are young, but as you slowly mature into an adult, you will realize the need and feel the urge to start a family of you own. Although your parents and your siblings will probably be important to you always, nevertheless, you would naturally prioritize your own family when you start one and this shift in priority from the primary family to the spousal family is only natural.

The importance of family is simply tremendous, especially for the children. Children initially learn everything by copying their parents, so how their parents behave with them and in front of them plays a huge role in determining their personality and disposition. The nature of the family acts as the background for children and how they learn to behave with others in the world; therefore how a family treats a child is extremely important as it can both make or break his/her life. Families are meant to be the place for all its members where each should have a place and a role. No family member should ever feel that he/she is left out or unwanted because that is when a family fails. A family is important because it provides support to all its members and all of us need that support, even the strongest of us do, at times. If you believe in love, then it can only be expected in its truest form from the closest of the family members like parents, spouse, children and siblings. It is this sense of bond, love and belonging that shapes a child’s mind, strengthens a man in his struggles and empowers a woman in her place. Although all families are not ideal and some are too dysfunctional to even be called a proper family, even those families may make an outsider realize how lucky he/she is. You may not want to be with your family all the time because at times they may even seem a bit too overwhelming but at the end of the day, you should (and probably will) realize that some of the most irritating moments were created because they were concerned about you or because they just wanted to spend more time with you.