Why is fast food bad for you

The kind of food which is most popular in today’s busy world is fast food, but that does not mean it is healthy and nor does it mean that it is safe to consume them for prolonged periods either. The reason as to why fast food has gained so much popularity is because it saves time. It is much faster to make and cheaper than buying a well cooked and balanced meal. The “drive thrus” supply hundreds of customers in minutes with their fries and burgers, so it is only natural for the busy working class to opt for the tasty fast food which saves them time, money and also fills them up. However, the problem with these burgers, fries and sodas are the fact that that these are not nutritious; they are high in sugar and cholesterol content which is detrimental to one’s well being. The results could be obesity, increased blood sugar, high pressure, diabetes, heart attacks, cerebral attacks, strokes, arthritis, cancer and much more if fast food is consumed continuously over a long period of time. The people who do not have the time to cook their own meals often do not have the time to exercise either and cardiovascular inactivity adds to the chance of fast food related health risks.

Junk food is known to cause bowel problems and that often leads to both dysentery as well as constipation. The hemorrhoids near your rectum could very well be the result of junk food induced constipation and you might not even know it. Artificial chemicals, preservatives and additives do not do anything to add to the food value of fast food either; in fact they are even known to upset your metabolism on the whole. Over time, all these calories, fat, LDL, sugar, additives and lack of nutritious values will add up and may even affect your immune system adversely, leaving you much more prone to diseases, both minor and major ones. The chance of developing cancerous cells is always higher in individuals who have a low level of antioxidants in their blood and since fast food is known to do that as well, the chances of developing a cancer is always there too.

There is absolutely no replacement for a home cooked meal which is cooked out of fresh ingredients. Although we have advanced technologically, it is an open fact that we are not exactly as healthy or as tough as our parents and grandparents used to be. There are more reasons than just one which may account for this fact, but one of the main reasons is our change of dietary habits. Back then, the meals were cooked at home and were made from fresh meat, fish, vegetables, milk and all else that were fresh. Times may have changed, but our physiology has not and for that reason, we must avoid junk food as much as possible to stay fit and lead a healthy life.