Why is hypertension dangerous

A major issue of concern for many individuals around the world today (particularly those living in highly stressful urban environments), hypertension or “high blood pressure” is a major health concern that can have a number of adverse effects upon your body.

One of the primary concerns of hypertension lies in the fact that, by its very nature, the pressure put on standard blood cells throughout your body is increased substantially. This can cause a number of issues to develop that range anywhere from minor capillary bleeds through your body’s inability to contain and regulate its standard blood flow to major bleeds or ruptures into important organs. One of the most easily obvious and identifiable signs of hypertension is the presence of red lines or blood spots in the sclera (white part) of the eyes as the capillaries in these areas are highly susceptible to pressure and can easily rupture just beneath the surface.

Hypertension can also lead to a number of cardiovascular conditions or illnesses. This most commonly manifests in the form of a heart attack as the heart fails to function adequately given the high levels of pressure it must generate to circulate blood through your system.

Another common belief is that hypertension is responsible for many chronic headaches and as such blood pressure medication is often prescribed to many individuals suffering from these conditions in order to relieve the pain. Doctors are still unable to verify whether this is true or not based upon scientific studies and observations up to this point, yet many patients have reported that their headaches do tend to be worse when their blood pressure is highest.

Why is hypertension dangerous

Hypertension can also lead to a number of other complications many people face in terms of medical ailments, preventing proper blood circulation throughout the body. This can manifest both in limitations in physical activity as well as potential damage to some organs that cannot cope with the additional strain or lack of proper blood flow on a regular basis.

Should you suffer from hypertension either a lifestyle adjustment, medication or a combination of both may be necessary to bring about a correction in the issue and help prevent potential serious medical complications from developing further.