Why is Mac better than PC

Despite the fact that many of the arguments used by both Mac and PC owners to defend their choice of personal computer are largely based on personal opinions there are a number of differences between Macs and PCs that give Macs and advantage in some areas.

One of the primary fields that Macs can regularly excel in over PCs is the effective utilization of system resources. Windows is a complex operating system (OS) and the primary ones used by most PC owners due to its necessity for running many different games or other applications on the market today that are not cross-system compatible. As an OS, however, its complexity many times works against itself as it requires a large amount of system resources to coordinate the various processes used in the system at any given time. Macs, on the other hand, can operate at the same level or higher than Windows utilizing a bare minimum of system resources to maximize the power available for other applications.

Because of the higher effectiveness of resource utilization for Macs many other applications work better on them, especially video and audio software that requires complex rendering hardware and drivers to function to its fullest. For this reason many professional media developers utilize Macs almost exclusively, passing up many PC systems that are generally more prone to faulty operation and system resource drains.

For the fashion-savvy out there Macs are also generally much more physically appealing and easy to maintain than many PCs, with the majority of Mac computer systems sporting the latest designs and often being trend setters in the market. While some PC companies such as Sony have worked to do the same with PCs they still fall behind as a status and fashion symbol for users.

Why is Mac better than PC

As an added bonus for many users out there as well Macs have a highly intuitive interface that is both quick to learn and easy to utilize. This means that even novice Mac users can get into utilizing their machine to the fullest and access their programs both quickly and effectively without needing to go through a complex learning curve that many PC systems require.