Why is Michael Jackson white

Michael Jackson seems to be never far from controversy, especially in his later years. That’s when he developed the aura of an old and creepy feminine man, with a fragile nose and extremely pale skin. In his early years, from as young as five, Michael was a gifted and talented individual in the pop group The Jackson Five. However, over the years the public have lost their respect for him and many claim it is because of the drastic changes that occurred to his skin and nose, and the way in which he handled these cases.

The more widely accepted and official reason behind Michael Jackson’s change of skin tone is that he suffered from a skin condition called Vitiligo. Vitiligo is a harmless but traumatic skin condition because it causes patches or areas of skin to become discolored, which is particularly noticeable on darker skin. This condition can cause these patches anywhere on the body and can affect anyone who has Vitiligo within the family, as it is a genetic disorder. Many people are under the mistaken belief that Vitiligo only affects black people. However, this is not true. It is merely more noticeable on darker skin due to the higher contrast.

In the year of 1987 Michael Jackson had yet another nose job and went from a cocoa bronze complexion to a pale white. This would have been controversial enough, without him denying any skin color change at all. Eventually, his PR people released the information about his skin condition but it was already too late. Michal Jackson did not openly publicize any skin problems and continued to deny it even after his more than obvious complexion change. Rather than bringing this highly misunderstood skin condition to the public eye, he unsuccessfully hid it from the world and denied its existence. This led many to believe that his skin condition was faked to justify his decision to bleach his skin. Others believe the skin condition became emotionally problematic for the star and he therefore decided to bleach his skin to hide the white patches around his body and even out his skin tone. Unfortunately, because of his decision to hide the changes and this problem, we will never know the real truth behind his skin color change. Over the following years Michael Jackson continued to act questionably with constant cosmetic surgery to his face, particularly his nose, rumored to be the result of a cocaine addiction. It was also rumored in the same year of 1987 that Michael Jackson started taking female hormones to keep his voice young and remove and thin out body hair. It was already at this stage painfully clear that Michael Jackson was starting to get a bit eccentric, which hasn’t helped his fans come to terms with his shocking and sudden change in skin tone.

In the following years, Michael Jackson opened up “Neverland”, spawned from his love of children, only to face child rape charges later on and lose most of his assets to bankruptcy. Unfortunately, is seems whatever the reason for why Michael Jackson’s skin is white, it is widely regarded as the turning point for the worse in his life.