Why is the Vatican in Rome

The first impressions of the ‘Vatican City’ are always engrossing for a non native student. City is a word that naturally brings to mind the image of a vast stretch of developed land. This development is in terms of agriculture, industry and households along with many other parameters. Another self suggesting thought is the existence of a nation, of which the city is a part. The Vatican City throws the norms of geographical classifications to the wind. It is officially called ‘Stato della Città del Vatican’ which means “State of the City of the Vatican.”

It is a sovereign city-state in itself, and a particularly intriguing aspect about the Vatican City is that it is situated in the city of Rome! A ‘City’ within a city is not something that the geography book of most schools would like flaunting! With an area of approximately 110 acres, the Vatican City is inhabited by less than even a thousand individuals. The state was established by the Lateran Treaty in the year 1929 and its territory comprises of a landlocked enclave situated within the capital city of the nation of Italy, i.e., Rome. The Pope rules the Vatican City whereas the Catholic clergymen of varying national origins perform the functions of the state functionaries. The Vatican City, quite understandably, is the smallest country in the world in the context of area. The space constraints can be well gauged from the fact that this state does not have any embassy. It is the ‘Hole See’ hat conducts the diplomatic tasks of the Vatican City, and the foreign embassies are situated in the city of Rome. The Vatican City boasts of a unique cultural heritage. The St. Peter’s Basilica situated in the Vatican is an awe inspiring exponent of Renaissance architecture.

UNESCO’s List of World Heritage Sites includes the Vatican City, which means that it is the only complete state to have this honor bestowed upon itself. The sights and scenes of the holy city are overpowering. Beautiful gardens studded with fountains and sculptures account for a huge percentage of the Vatican’s area, which adds to the charm of this enchanting part of the world.