Why is the World Cup every 4 years

Ever since the first edition of the FIFA World Cup was successfully held in the year 1930, the tournament has been setting the world football stage alive every four years. The only times the pattern failed to replicate itself were the years 1942 and 1946, when the world was being ton apart due to the Second World War.

The Football World Cup is nothing short of a global carnival where everyone’s invited. Teams from all corners of the Earth battle for the coveted trophy. Emotions overflow, and so do tempers; there is no spectacle of adrenalin and action that matches the aplomb of the Football World Cup. To the die hard soccer fanatic, the gap of four years between subsequent World Cups is an eternal wait for the pulsating soccer action to occur again. But this timeline is justified because of the fact that it is actually the exclusivity of a World Cup event which magnetizes the interest of the world. There would be nothing special in the tournament if it were to happen every year. We would have the same set of players on view, and the same teams competing with each other. Not only would this wipe out the impact of the concluded World Cup, but would also dampen the feeling of the anxious countdowns that such grand tournaments run to. Four years is sufficient time for teams to rally their troops and get a cup winning combination going. After one edition of the World Cup concludes, teams have to go through a long period of rebuilding and strengthening. Old players retire and new ones take their place. Some rivalries get embittered whereas some enjoy reconciliation. And all this happens in the backdrop of many leagues of soccer action that keep the viewers captivated throughout the four years’ period.

The festivities of a World Cup event are pleasing to the eye and charming to the heart, but tones of resources get used up for the successful conduction of the tournament. It is simply illogical to have such a sporting extravaganza unleashed every now and them. The four year waiting period between World Cups is indispensable to the aura of excitement associated with the World Cup.