Why should you use green energy

Green energy is a force of the future. Due to environmental and economic necessities green energy has become very popular in the last decade, and will surely be much more in the forefront of the public eye in the near future. Investments in green energy have been constantly rising — and as far as investment attraction is concerned, renewable energy has been drawing about 30% more investment capital than the old-fashioned coal and gas industry. That is a very descriptive fact that clearly shows how green energy is a very serious sector for investors.

It is no secret that the energy and fuel standards we have come to rely on as a civilization are in short supply. Globally speaking, countries who have large reserves of fossil fuels are constantly reporting about dangers of scarcity. It’s an undeniable fact that fossil fuels are in short supply and pretty soon we’re going to reach a point where green, alternative energy sources won’t be alternatives any longer –- they will be required. Locally speaking, this means that electricity that is provided to houses and buildings will no longer be created from fossil fuels, but from clean sources. This may sound drastic, but in reality it is not. For a common man, these changes will not require that much of a change in lifestyle, just a change in one’s energy provider.

Examples of these methods can include:

1. Hydroelectricity -– This includes dams and water wheels among other things. Energy is generated by water moving the turbines and generating both friction and energy.

2. Wind Power –- Probably the most popular kind of renewable energy, wind energy is actually energy created by the wind which travels through wind turbines.

3. Solar Power -– Aside from the solar panels that can be seen on the roofs of houses, another great example is the International Space Station, which gets all of its power from its enormous, energy-collecting panels.

All these types of green energy have two common denominators: a) they are all renewable, and b) they all derive energy from nature without any long-term, detrimental effects. And, unlike diminishing fossil fuel reserves, these sources aren’t just renewable, they are reliable. As long as our planet is still three quarters water, and as long as there is still a breathable atmosphere and as long as there is still a sun –- these sources will always be there for us to tap into. Therefore, a switch to green energy seems natural because of all the advances made in the harnessing and applications of renewable energy sources. And, because, a time is coming when you might not have much of a choice.