Why was Hiroshima bombed

Over the years, Hiroshima has come to being regarded as a symbol of the desolation and destruction inflicted by a war. From what was once a prosperous Japanese city, Hiroshima was reduced to a huge graveyard of death and decay after it was attacked through atomic bombing from the United States. In fact, the absolute annihilation of Hiroshima and Nagasaki is regarded as the most shocking example of the ravages of wars, the Second World War in this case. So gigantic was the magnitude of destruction caused by the nuclear bombs dropped on the city of Hiroshima that fear of such weapons forces military powers from waging wars, lest they were to face repercussions of the same nature as faced by Hiroshima.

In September 1944, the U.S. decided to use its nuclear bombs that were made a couple of years back, and Japan was to be the victim of these untested bombs. After the U.S. successfully tested the nuclear weapons in New Mexico’s deserts on June 16, 1945, it was only a matter of time for the United States’ decision makers to hone in on a soft target in Japan, and unfortunately, it was Hiroshima.

The United States had quite a lot to gain from their plans of attacking Japan. They wanted to take Japan down before the Soviet Union could do the same, and hence, decided to handicap a complete city, which was Hiroshima. The geography of the city was found to be suitable for the kind of nuclear bombs possessed by the U.S. Also, Hiroshima was an integral city of Japan, with a high density of military troops, artillery and defense equipment manufacturing plants.

The city of Hiroshima had surprisingly evaded the effects of war till then. Using the new atomic bombs on an undamaged subject was the best way of establishing their damaging potential. All these reasons integrated together and resulted in the U.S. choosing Hiroshima as their nuclear target. An unprecedented number of lives were lost in the aftermaths of the attack. The genetic misadventures of the nuclear material defiling the environment of the city have continued to wrack havoc on lives in Hiroshima.