Why was John Lennon shot

As absolutely disgusting as it sounds, John Lennon was shot dead, most apparently, for no reason at all! John Lennon was a heartthrob for many, more particularly the music lovers of those times. A member of the iconic boy band of Beetles, John Lennon had won the world over with his soft and soothing voice. He had made a special place in the Hall of Fame of all musicians. This is precisely the reason behind the widespread gloom that swayed over the streets of America once the news of his sudden and tragic death was made known.

Mark David Chapman was the man who shot dead John Lennon. There is ample proof that Mark Chapman was a mental patient, although he was employed as a guard at the time of this tragic event. He had the intentions of assassinating John Lennon on his mind, and one day he got a golden opportunity to execute his nefarious plans when the band was passing the area where Mark Chapman was waiting with his gun. It is said that the snobbish attitude of the iconic John Lennon spelt doom for him, as he was suggested not to pass from the less secure area. The unfortunate result; John Lennon was shot dead by the insane Chapman.

Once Mark Chapman did the ghastly act, he calmly confessed the same to his companion, proclaiming to have eliminated another one from the race of the popular people in the world. Shocked as his partner was, he did not lose any time in calling up the authorities, thus resulting in the timely arrest of the mad murderer.

Trial and medical tests conducted on Mark Chapman suggested that he was not in his senses and did the murder out of his insanity, but the public sentiment demanded a harsh yet befitting death penalty for the murderer. Although Chapman showed no remorse for his acts, the truth remains that the murder of John Lennon is one of the most unfortunate events to have occurred in the history of United States, and the history of music in general.