Why are bananas good for you

Bananas are known for their ability to supply a person with a dose of instant energy; this ability of the fruit has a lot to do with the three kinds of natural sugar that bananas contain in them. A combination of fiber, fructose, sucrose and glucose makes bananas an ideal food for anyone who needs instant energy soon after. Although we mainly know bananas as excellent energy boosters, there is actually more to the fruit than just energy. It has been found through research that bananas can actually affect a person’s brain in such a way that he/she may end up with increased brain function. Patients suffering from a variety of diseases are known to benefit from eating bananas and it has also been reported that eating bananas regularly can prevent certain health issues from occurring in the first place.

Banana peels are believed to have a soothing effect on rashes or insect bites, but some even claim that they are an excellent way to naturally remove warts as well. The iron-rich bananas are perfect for anemic patients because the iron content helps their bodies in hemoglobin production. Apart from this, the potassium rich bananas also help to keep one’s blood pressure in check due to their low salt content. This in turn helps a person to avoid strokes that are often triggered by a sudden and excessive increase in the blood pressure. Unlike citrus fruits, bananas work as natural antacids and may help you unexpectedly in case you get heartburn. This anti-acidic property and the soft constitution of the banana make it one of the few fruits that can be consumed without an adverse effect for patients who are suffering from ulcer or intestinal disorders. Bananas are even believed by experts to have effect on the mood of a person, that is, these fruits can help someone fight depression. This property is owed to the protein tryptophan which is found in bananas. As the tryptophan gets converted into serotonin within our body, the mood of the person also begins to lift, helping him to come out of depression and other depression related symptoms. Apart from affecting the person’s mood with the tryptophan found innate within bananas, they also contain vitamin B which helps the nervous system to function better in general.

The importance of potassium is felt especially when we are under a stressful situation because stress is synonymous with an increased rate of metabolism and that is detrimental to the levels of potassium within our blood. As the level of potassium starts to decrease, both psychological and physiological symptoms begin to appear making the situation worse. A banana can do wonders at a time like this when the body needs an instant supply of potassium and carbohydrates. Other problems that can be helped by simply consuming the fruit include morning sickness, hangovers and nicotine withdrawal symptoms to name a few.