Why are vegetables good for you

When you were a child, you have probably been told all the time to eat a lot of vegetables. You have been told that they are good for your health, and the more you eat them, the more healthy you will be. But why are vegetables good for you? Why did your parents strive to put vegetables in every dish they brought out?

In the ancient history, humans ate whatever was available and easy to get. Most often, that was a variety of greens — anything from plants to spices. Of course, in those times, nobody knew what exactly they were eating and how vegetables affected their health, nutritiously. All they really cared about is to eliminate starvation.

As time went on, people learned a lot about the impact of vegetables on their health. Science kept on discovering new interesting facts that showed how vegetables positively affect our strength and energy, and how they make us feel good overall. In addition to that, it’s been shown that eating greens can prevent many illnesses and infections. Vegetables are full of vitamins (mostly A, B, C and K), fibers and minerals that help our body to function normally and allow us to maintain a healthy lifestyle. One interesting thing to keep in mind is that most greens are best when eaten raw, as they lose many of their vital ingredients during the cooking process. Vegetables are full of antioxidants, which are crucial in slowing down the aging process and eliminating the free radicals that appear in the body, mainly from stress. That is one of the reasons why vegetarians have a significantly reduced incidence of picking up a heart disease and developing high blood pressure.

When compared to meat, which is full of saturated fats, vegetables contain the good oils which are actually good for our health, unlike the ones from meat. That is why many vegetarians rarely suffer from conditions such as obesity. Many people who suffer from high doses of cholesterol in their blood or have diabetes are usually put on a diet, with vegetables being the main part of it. A vegetarian diet also helps in reducing the risk of uric acid kidney stone formation. Vegetables, especially the green ones like broccoli or cabbage, have been seen as something to prevent cancer. The vitamins and minerals that are found in vegetables are able to stop the cancer cells from expanding throughout the body, thus stopping the disease from growing.

By eating vegetables regularly, your are keeping your circulation happy. Your heart rate will be completely normal, you will have clear skin, strong teeth and good hair. Therefore, a diet which consists of vegetables will not only help you to feel better in day to day life, but also improve your personal appearance. Finally, vegetables are cheaper than meat, which is, apart from all the advantages that vegetables have, an added bonus.