Why are my eyes turning yellow

If you notice that your eyes are turning yellow, then it is most likely a cause of alarm. A good number of liver diseases like liver cirrhosis or hepatitis can cause your eyes to turn yellow and that is never good. As the Bilirubin count in the blood increases, it starts accumulating inside the tissues and that is the reason why people with excess systemic bilirubin in their blood may exhibit signs like yellowish eyes, skin and nails. Excess bilirubin in blood is a sign that the red cell destruction has increased beyond the normal level and thus the liver is probably not functioning in the way it should. Diseases and disorders related to this can even be fatal if one does not consult a physician in time, but mostly, it is controllable and curable if treated properly in time. Alcohol abuse and hepatitis are the main reasons behind liver dysfunctions and the yellowing of the eyes is just a sign. In case of alcohol abuse, it is recommended to check in to an alcohol rehab program immediately.

Anemia, be it Drug Induced Immune hemolytic Anemia or Sickle Cell Anemia, is destructive for red blood cells. Naturally, a person with anemia will show a significant increase in his/her bilirubin count as bilirubin is actually the remains of the destroyed red blood cells. As a following symptom, the person will also notice that his/her eyes are turning yellowish due to deposition of the excess bilirubin inside the tissues. Apart from bilirubin, there are also other causes that are directly related to the eyes. Exposure to the blazing sun over a long period of time can very well damage the white portion of our eyes and the condition is known as pingecula.

A person with pingecula would probably develop yellow spots near the corners of the eyes. A different disorder, known as pterygium, could be the reason if the yellow portions are starting to extend onto your iris. In any of these cases, you should immediately consult an eye specialist and get his advice on the matter. One natural cause that can explain your eyes turning yellow is of course age; if you are old enough, the sclera may turn yellow with time and that should not be something to worry about because its only natural.