Why are my nails yellow

In order to understand why one’s nails are yellow, the person must at first check with the possible reasons that are often found to be responsible for yellowing of the nails. The reason/reasons that seems to you as most applicable in the particular case, is probably the answer to your question. There is more than just one cause and depending on its nature, yellow nails could be a sign for alarm or could just as well be a harmless side-effect. However, it should be noted that yellow nails are generally signs of deteriorating health and it might signify severe underlying health issues.

Minor Reasons

Smoking – In people who smoke on a daily basis and quite heavily at that, yellowing of the nails is not uncommon. Although smoking in general is injurious to health and is a proven cause of cancer, the yellowing of the nails itself does not signify danger. Nonetheless, one should read it as a sign that perhaps he/she is smoking a bit too much. The yellowness can be removed from the nails by treating them with lemon juice or with nail-whitening pencils.

Nail Polish – This is one of the most common reasons as to why nails turn yellow, especially among women. What happens is that the nails are cut off from oxygen when women color their nails and if the nails are constantly colored without any breaks in between, the nails slowly lose their natural color. Our nails need to be free of nail polish periodically in order for them to maintain their natural color and not turn yellow. If one cannot keep one’s nails free from nail polish, application of a pure base coat is often helpful before the color is put on.

yellow nails

Serious Reasons

Fungus – Although this isn’t exactly a life-threatening condition, nail fungus can be quite bothersome. Once your nails are affected by the fungus, it will become yellow, as well as brittle. The nails will start to flake and the action of the microbes will cause the nails to become not only yellow, but also offensive smelling. Antifungal medications prescribed by a certified medical practitioner are usually able to eradicate the fungus easily.

Yellow Nail Syndrome – If you are affected by the yellow nail syndrome, then it is indeed a real reason for worry. Although the exact cause as to WHY it happens is not yet determined beyond all doubts, some of the diseases that trigger it are of serious nature; for example, bronchiectasis, chronic sinusitis, certain forms of cancer, rheumatoid arthritis and conditions that weaken our immune system are some of the diseases that might trigger the yellow nail syndrome. If something has triggered the yellow nail syndrome in you, you will notice that the yellowed nails are breaking and separating from the nail bed. Even kidney diseases and liver diseases can turn one’s nails yellow in color, especially near the cuticles or the tips. Whatever the reason is, if you are affected by the yellow nail syndrome, it is best to consult your doctor as soon as possible.