Why are my feet swollen

Swollen feat are experienced by many of us who spend a good part of our day exerting ourselves physically. The swelling in feet is particularly distressing when it persists throughout the day and renders the individual quite irritated and evasive of more physical work.

The most obvious reason for the inevitable phenomenon of feet swelling up is the uninhibited downward flow of the various lubricants and fluids that keep the human body working. Gravity indiscriminately attracts everything downwards, and the thumb rule applies equally well to the blood and other body fluids. These liquids make their way towards the feet and accumulate to some extent, thus resulting in the swelling in feet. Regular body movement might just suffice in gyrating the pumping mechanism in the body and could redistribute these fluids to avoid, or at least, delay the swelling. But those accustomed to work in a fixed position for a lengthy period are bound to be victims to this phenomenon of gravity attracted accumulation of fluids in the feet region, causing it to swell. The weakening of the vein valves of the body also contributes to some extent in causing the swelling in feet. This is because the malfunctioning of the above mentioned valves results in the increased back pressure of the veins which further translates into leakage of fluids to the body tissues. Increased pressure upon the veins, whatever is the source of this discrepancy, escalates to fluid leakage and causes swelling. Hence, pregnant women are prone to this, as the expansion in the organs like uterus increases the barometric reading associated with veins.

The causes discussed so far seem harmless enough to invite a cold shoulder, but the fact is that there could be something quite hazardous that rings the warning bells in the form of this symptom of swelling in feet. Congestive heart failures are generally marked by such inexplicable swelling patterns, and so it true for the maladies of bronchitis and emphysema. In the fortunate case that the swelling in your feet is not an omen of such diseases, you can easily seek remedy by keeping the legs elevated for some time. This will definitely set the blood and fluid flow back in order.