Why do hemorrhoids itch

Inflammation is the primary reason for an itchy hemorrhoid. In fact, along with the hemorrhoid, the other tissues and capillaries around the area also get inflamed and that is the reason why the person feels an urgent need to scratch. A hemorrhoid inflammation may come from some sort of irritation near the anal area. Such an irritation is often the result of diseases like dysentery or diarrhea, which increases the anal moisture beyond normal levels. It can even become overly damp through excessive perspiration. What the excess moisture in the rectum does is that it leaves the anal area susceptible to infections. Once the hemorrhoid area is infected, it starts to itch, which is made worse by continuous pressure and friction exerted by daily activities. After awhile, the itch worsens and the person starts to scratch and touch the infected part time and again making it worse. A chain of stimuli, reaction and increased stimuli follows as the person keeps on scratching and infecting until the hemorrhoid is red, swollen and painful.

Constipation can greatly aggravate or even injure the hemorrhoids both due to the pressure that one needs to exert while defecating and also because of the obvious friction between the passing hard stool and the sore hemorrhoid. Diet also plays an important role in irritating hemorrhoids. Someone who is already suffering from hemorrhoid problems needs to strictly avoid hot and spicy food as it is bound to irritate and cause discomfort near the anus while passing stool. Common food items that aggravate hemorrhoid conditions include, soft drinks, coffee, tea, fruit juices, pepper and of course chilies. In short, one who is suffering from a hemorrhoid condition needs to be careful with what he/she eats because any kind of upset in the person’s digestive system is more likely to manifest itself painfully on the person’s hemorrhoids.

Apart from taking prescribed medicines, applying lotions and topical creams on the affected area, being clean is also essential to keep the condition under check. Every time you are done passing stool, do clean the anus well with water, but do so in a mild manner. Avoid soaps or any other chemicals while cleaning near the swollen hemorrhoids to eliminate any risk of irritating the area further.