Why did Hitler persecute the Jews

Hitler and the Nazis termed the Jewish people as “untermenschen”, which means “sub-human”. Although there are many complex issues here that deal with politics, power, economy, psychology and so much more, the main theme that the Nazis propagated was that persecuting the Jews was necessary to “purify” the human race of its impurities like genetic inferiority and weakness. Behind this atrocious belief were the real socio-political reasons which gave rise to Hitler and the mode of thinking which he propagated and millions followed.

The first reason as to why the Germans turned against the Jews is of course religious. Jews have been hated by the Christians for centuries in Europe and a large part of that hatred had its roots in jealousy because Jewish people were always comparatively wealthier. Even during the Great Depression, it was found that the Jews were hardly affected by it and most of the Christian citizens in Germany had to depend on them for loans. This hatred, although not severe, was always there and Hitler used this hatred to make the Jews the scapegoat of the aggravation and fury that had built up slowly since the end of the First World War. The timing could not have been more appropriate as the Treaty of Versailles had taxed Germany so heavily that the country was in economic shambles, thus the people were on the lookout for a new leader with new ideas for the improvement of Germany. It would be right to say that Hitler, along with Joseph Goebbels intensified the hatred for the Jews among the larger portion of the Germans and used the same to rise to absolute power within Germany.

As Hitler and the Nazi party went on popularizing the concept of the pure and superior German “Aryan” race and the role the Jews played in bringing down the superior race, they began capturing all property and wealth that the Jews had earned over the years. The wealth made the Nazis stronger, richer and more active in carrying out the plans of Hitler. The communists were treated with the same severity as were the Jews and at the end of it all, the truth was that Hitler wanted Germany to be the most powerful country in the whole world and the Jews and the communists were killed to pave his rise to power in order to fulfill his own vision of the nation.