Why was Hitler so evil

Adolf Hitler has become the second name of ‘evil’ over the years, and this is quite natural, considering that the man was behind the murder of an entire race of people. It is easy to regard a person such as Adolf Hitler as simply insane, but this does warrant a deeper thought. Hitler was a very potent public speaker, and organized many public events. He used to hold mass gatherings, undertook several meetings and visited many places in his lifetime. This shall suffice in establishing that there was a lot more than inexplicable insanity behind his satanic acts.

Hitler was under the impression of being the Chosen Force that would take Germany to the pinnacle of the world, whatever the means be. Once he made his way to the political zenith of the country by succeeding Hidenburg as the President, there was literally no stopping the extraordinary man from practicing his evil designs. He had a simple theory. He wanted to be at the top, and wanted to take Germany to the top as well. Anything that he perceived as a roadblock in the journey had to be destroyed, and it didn’t matter if the blockade was in the form of a race of human beings.

While Adolf Hitler was the President, he interpreted the Jewish community as a burden on the German ascent. He was convinced that the Jews had to be eliminated for him to continue his juggernaut. What followed was an absolute bloodshed that still makes people have shivers running down their spines. So blinded was the man with the dreams of power that human life seemed a trivial resource for him. This flagrant disregard for humanity forces people to attribute Hitler as an evil person.

Adolf Hitler was almost clinical in evil approach. He worked out several plans to massacre the Jews in great numbers, including that of Death Chambers. He used terms such as ‘cleansing’ and ‘final solution’ for his Jew elimination exercises. Hitler’s ghastly attitude towards the Jews and the subsequent mass murdering of these people justifies the tag of ‘evil’ that he is nefarious for.