Why do black people have big lips

Although biologically all human beings are basically the same, they do look a lot different, depending on the race or the geographical location that they originally belong to. Black people in the USA are called African-Americans and there is a reason for that. All black men originally emerged from Africa; it is for that reason why they are equipped with large lips and nostrils by nature. Africa is a very hot and dry place where survival depended once upon a time on the physical attributes of a human being. Large lips help to keep the body cool as the moist, big lips of an African cool the air as it touches the lips and passes into the lungs. As the thin air enters the wider nostrils of the black people, it gets more room and is drawn in at a faster rate into the lungs while the air is being cooled on its way in.

However, Africans are one of the most diverse ethnic groups on earth and a big lip is not something that is found in all Africans. All Africans do not have curly hair or large noses either, especially people originating from central African regions, but all of them do have a dark skin tone. The dark skin tone is again directly related to the hot and sunny climatic conditions in Africa. Dark skin is full of melanin which gives the skin the dark complexion. Dark skinned men are less susceptible to heat and the harmful UV rays in the sunlight, therefore it is no wonder that Africa, being the hottest continent, has dark skinned natives.

Although the African-Americans do not have to face the same climate anymore, enough generations have not passed on yet to bring about significant changes in their genetic structure. That is the reason why black people in the United States or any other country, still retain their ancestral physical traits. The difference between the size of the lip and the size of the nose is significant only in adaptability and survival in the respective conditions and has nothing to do with anything else. It is not racist to know the truth behind biological traits, but it should never influence our thought process towards our fellow men, or we fail as civilized human beings.