Why are lips red

Lips are truly a unique part of the human body. I mean literally “unique” as of all the animals that are present on the earth today, only human beings have the “vermillion border” or the lip outline. Lips generally appear red in color and the reason behind that is the presence of blood vessels just below the skin of the lip. As the skin on the lip is very thin, the blood in the capillaries make lips look red.

Now that we know that the redness of our lips is a direct result of the presence of blood vessels underneath the thin skin of the lip, it would be easier to grasp why lips sometimes appear blue under extremely cold temperatures. As the cold gets more and more severe, our body reacts by sending the warm blood from the external capillaries to further inside the body in order to safeguard the warmth in them. During this procedure, the blood vessels under the lips are naturally left bloodless and thus the true pale shade of the lip skin becomes visible. If someone happens to develop pale lips, treat it as a symptom that the person is extremely cold and is in need of some immediate heat.

It is no secret that lips have a lot of appeal in them, especially among women. Centered on this primitive appeal of human lips, the whole industry of lipstick and other lip coloring products are flourishing. The reason why lips appear so attractive to us may very well be linked to the fact that reed and full lips signify blood filled capillaries, which indirectly appeals as being warm and healthy.

Although a healthy person should have pinkish lips naturally if he/she keeps the lips clean and moisturized, it may be noted that several persons, especially women prefer to have “particularly” pink or reddish lips. Applying honey is considered to be a good way to take care of your lips and make them comparatively more reddish in appearance. You can also try a mixture of almond oil and lemon juice on your lips if you are having problem with keeping your lips pinkish and lustrous.