Why do cats eat grass

If you have a cat, then it will surely eat grass every once in a while and follow it up by vomiting. Although, to the ignorant pet owner, grass eating by cats may seem like an act that upsets the stomach of the cat, it is in reality, a necessary and natural process. Never stop your cat from eating grass if it is choosing to do so by will, because by doing that, you will hamper your cat’s health unknowingly. A cat is unable to divide the digestible portions in its meal from the indigestible ones and therefore while having a meal; it eats several of the indigestible parts that may be present in it as well. Now, it is not always possible for the cat to remove the indigestible portions out of its system through the intestines as it may block the intestines or other portions of the digestive or excretory system on its way. Nature has equipped the cat to deal with this problem by giving it the instinct to eat grass whenever such indigested portions of a meal are left within the cat’s stomach. On eating grass, a cat starts to regurgitate all the bones, feathers, fur and its own fur balls along with the grass and is thus relieved from all the indigested and impassable left over in its digestive system.

If you are a cat owner, then you should know this fact and also know that this process of eating grass and regurgitation is not something that the cat can control, therefore it is unwise to punish or rebuke your cat if it vomits in your house or in the garden. You must accept it as an essential natural process of the cat’s life because it would be very sick otherwise. Grass is not the same as other house plants and some house plants can act as poison if it gets inside the cat’s system. In order for your cat to avoid them, you can supply it with a pot of grass to use when he needs to. This will mean that it won’t have to munch on house plants when it needs to eat grass and regurgitate. The pot of grass will keep both the cat and the houseplants safe from each other.