Why do dogs like stuffed toys

Soft toys or stuffed toys are favorites with most dogs but whether the dog will tear it apart or carry it around everywhere, is something that varies from dog to dog. But, whatever the action may be, know that most dogs will give its new stuffed toy a lot of attention. The attention may be due to the fact that it appreciates the gift given to it by the owner, but people do not always agree that this is a valid reason in this case. Some believe that the dogs which shake and tear their soft toys apart, are actually acting on wild hunting instincts. Even though they are domesticated now, earlier, they used to hunt smaller animals and kill them in this manner in order to satisfy their hunger and this might be a manifestation of that wild instinct from time to time. Soft toys make good chew toys and dogs love chewing, thus this could be a very acceptable reason as to the fixation of dogs over their soft toys. Especially the old dogs with worn down gums and teeth may find it much more comfortable and easier to chew on the soft stuffed toys than on wood or any other hard object.

Human beings may play a major role in initiating this fondness for soft toys in dogs. In families with young children and puppies, the dog often sees the children playing with stuffed toys and may adopt the same behavior. If the children and the puppies are playing with the same toys, then there will be further association as the toys will smell like the children. An adult may also play a role in this because when the family member that the dog views as the leader of the family or “pack”, gives it a soft toy, the dog would probably view it as a reward.

This perception will make it happy and thus the dog might become extremely fond towards this token of friendship. Sexual energy may also be directed towards the soft toys if the dog is not neutered or does not have a mate. The exact reason may differ from dog to dog and even then the reasons cannot be expected to be one hundred percent correct as there is no concrete way to prove it beyond doubt.