Why do videos keep buffering

We have all experienced buffering at one point or the other in our lives while trying to watch a video online. It is indeed an irritating experience when the video that we are trying to watch pauses for a while after playing for a while. This problem or buffering as it is termed, often goes on till the end of the video and can ruin the whole experience due to several breaks.

A video on the internet is already uploaded on the website that you are trying to watch it from, but in order for the video to be played on your computer screen, the video file needs to download onto your hard disc at first. The reason why buffering interrupts your video is because of the fact that the video starts to play faster than the pace at which it is being downloaded onto your hard disc. Therefore, for obvious reasons, it has to pause after displaying the already downloaded section and wait until more of the video is downloaded. Therefore, although irritating, buffering is a result of a slow internet connection. If you want to be able to see videos from websites directly without any buffering, you would probably have to shift to a faster internet connection or plan.

If you have a fast internet connection, but buffering is still causing interruptions while you are trying to watch your online videos, then you need to check the hardware configuration of your computer. A computer with old hardware may not be powerful enough to download a video and play it smoothly, all at once. In that case, you may have to reconfigure your old computer or get a new one.

The third and most unlikely possibility for buffering could be that the website from which you are trying to watch the video does not have a connection that can support all its viewers at the same time, or may be the website has too many people watching the same video at the same time. This is most unlikely in case of sites with sufficient funding like “YouTube”, but may happen if you are dealing with a small website.