Why does Axl hate Slash

Axl Rose made uproar in all quarters when the news broke about his multi million lawsuit against the makers of Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock. The reasons quoted by the legendry rocker’s layer suggest that the game makers betrayed the latter by including songs from Slash’s Velvet Revolver, despite there being a clause against such inclusions in the contract.

Axl Rose and Slash were co-members of Guns n Roses, the rock band that ruled the hearts of listeners for a good part of the 1980s and 90s. Both these artists were regarded as rock icons. However, it was a body blow for most to witness the disintegration of the band in 996, when guitarist Slash chose to discontinue his association with the band.

The demons of the past seem to have resurfaced, and as a result, the discussions regarding the currents of sheer hatred flowing through the heart of Axl Rose have picked up steam. There is no concrete record as regards the precise reasons behind the sowing of the seeds of poison in the once harmonious relationship between the two. There is a section of music historians and columnists who claim that there was some discord in the band pertaining to the writing of the songs in the years from 1994 to 1996. Some contradictory public statements made by Axl Rose and Slash in those years seem to certify the premises. Another possible and probable theory suggests that the exponential rise in the fame and acclaim received by the guitarist Slash almost overshadowed the once indomitable charisma of Axl Rose, the founder of the band. This did not go well with the egoistic Axl, who tried to impose himself over other band members in order to establish his prominence. The fact that the other members of the band also followed Slash’s path and left the group indicates that there is some undeniable matter behind this theory.

Why does Axl Hate Slash

Axl Rose did not like the face that Guns N Roses was acquiring in the mid nineties, with Slash being on the front row each time. Years have gone since Slash’s departure from the band, but obviously, the hatred between the two lives on.