Why does my belly button smell

Not many would disagree that it is a pretty disgusting topic to even be discussing! However, such a question is bound to be asked very frequently, as the problem of smelly belly button is also widespread. It is obviously not a desirable characteristic to have an odorous body part, and something about a belly button makes it the most detestable source for odor to be emanating from. There are many reasons which lead to this problem.

Though most of these reasons are under one’s own control but some of them may accumulate and result in alarming situations. One of the common reasons for such odor is the piling up of dead and decaying skin matter in the cavity. Obviously, such accumulation of dead matter is bound to result in a stinking belly button. Another strange reason is obesity. It so happens that the skin of a fat person hangs in folds, and may take the form of a curtain over the belly button, thus making it extremely dark and warm, and hence, a moist cave where fungi thrives. Such infections give rise to odorous fumes that may lead to embarrassing situations for the unfortunate sufferer. The problem may aggravate in case of yeast strikes. Unbearable infections invite itching and hence, may even lead to bleeding.

It is always advisable to be on the lookout for symptoms that may point towards an approaching fungal infection. For instance, the inflammation of the belly button indicates the build up of pus inside the skin. Upon breaking out of the skin pores, this fluid results in unbearable smell of decomposed skin. Inexplicable pain in the abdomen might be the onset of a strange and rather in common infection, called the urachal cyst. Though this infection is extremely choosy in selecting its victim, but the repercussions are better avoided. Treatment with hydrogen peroxide and application of Bactine is the treatment prescribed by doctors to get rid if this infection. Candida is another infection that results in an extremely smelly belly button. It is much better to carefully clean the belly button and its surrounding skin in order to avoid the strike of infections. Cleansing alleviates most of the factors that cause the stinking from belly button as these factors have fungal origins, which naturally get accounted for by a cleansing action.