Why does poop smell like vomit

Vomit is a pretty disgusting thing in itself, and the mere thought of pop coming out of the mouth in the form of vomit is repelling. ‘Fecal vomiting’ is a more passable term for this repulsive phenomenon. Though some ignore it as a rather ridiculous myth constructed by idle minds, the truth is that feces can invert its path and make its way right out of the mouth! The smell of vomit from poop is just a by product of this ghastly reaction inside the human body.

Vomit is a result of overstuffing your stomach with stuff that it just would not be able to handle, or even break into smaller particles for the digestion process to continue. All this unwanted and semi dismantled stuff starts accumulating till the stomach is overloaded, and the natural reflexes of the human body to revert any ill effects take over. The undigested mess is forced out of the body through the mouth, in the form of what is generally called vomit, which has a disgustingly filthy smell. The smell of poop is no better either, but things get absolutely hellish when your pop starts stinking like vomit. This can happen because of any possible misadventures of the gastric juices and their inability to break down food particles completely. Also, the malfunctioning of the gall bladder could be a very probable reason behind your pop smelling of vomit. There have been quite a few reports of people who complained of this problem, and were detected to have some serious troubles of the gall bladder.

People taking too much of gluten in their diets run the risk of experiencing some serious deviations from the normal as far as their poop is concerned. It could be in the form of a change in the colour of their poop to a diseased orange one, and the observation of the smell of vomit from the poop. One thing to keep in mind if you are unfortunate enough to incur such a trouble is that you must not take it lightly, and consult a medical expert at the earliest opportunity.