Why does my skin peel

The structure and composition of skin is pretty straightforward. Basically, there are three layers — the topmost epidermis, the innermost layer called hypodermis, and sandwiched between the two is the middle layer called the dermis. A brief introduction to the dermal make-up facilitates better understanding of the phenomenon of peeling of skin. The withering away, and the eventual disintegration of the outer layer of skin is referred to as the peeling of skin. Although an entirely natural phenomenon, this does cause concerns for the individual experiencing it.

The process of the replacement of the epidermis is gradual, and the cumulative effects of a month long metamorphosis become evident only at the fag end of the process in the form of coarseness on body parts. This is most apparent after a shower or bath. As mentioned earlier, the sudden sight of one’s skin coming off with the mopping towel is sometimes alarming; however, better understanding of the reasons behind skin peeling suffices in becalming these concerns.

A thorough sunbath generally results in the peeling of skin as direct exposure to sunlight hastens the process of skin replacement in the human body. Sunburns are accompanied by symptoms like blisters and rashes. However, application of any sun block cream and lotion prevents such problems associated with sunbathing. The climatic conditions prevalent in a locality also go a long way in determining the period of skin replacement, and hence, of skin peeling as well. People residing in a temperate zone are bound to have drier skin than others, thus becoming more prone to skin peeling. Another factor that comes into play is that of the chemical composition of the skin creams and applicants one uses. Most of these compositions contain chemicals that lead to clogging of the pores in the skin.

This invigorates the symptoms of skin peeling. It is advisable to consult a physician or skin specialist before adopting a certain skin lotion. Genes may also contribute to the problem of skin peeling in the sense that parents with problem of excessive peeling of the skin are likely to pass this characteristic of fragile skin to their offspring. However, the issue of skin peeling can be tackled very efficiently through measures like regular consultation and check up with a physician and intake of a diet rich in Vitamin E.