Why does poop steam

Seeing their poop steaming is surely going to blow the daylights of most, and still more would find it absolutely grossly hilarious. This, however, is a real phenomenon and could happen to anybody, any day. Deviations from normal pooping patterns are indicators of some misalignments in one’s digestive system, and this holds true in most cases. Thankfully, it is not so real a concern to experience your poop steaming. And that is, of course, if you don’t have to remain in the malodorous environment for even a moment longer than what your poor nose can endure!

It s really easy to understand the reason behind the rather bizarre occurrence of fumes coming out of the freshly excreted poop. Human body temperature generally hovers around the mark of 98.6 degrees, and so is the case with the accumulated poop inside the body, ready and waiting to be excreted out. When this rather warm mess of undigested food and decomposed remains leaves the body at the above mentioned temperature and comes into contact with the relatively cold bowl, the sudden temperature jump results in the creation of faint fumes. This phenomenon is particularly commonly observed in warm seasons. Even in winters, the unsettling sight of steaming poop is not out of place. Just as a breath of air released from the mouth takes the form of a steamy miniscule cloud, the release of air with the excretion of poop also results in the creation of equivalent steaming. As disgusting as it may sound, but people with constipation are prone to giving off malodorous fumes from their poop, for obvious reasons!

And then, there could well be a chance that the toilet cleaning solution you use sticks to the pot bowl and when the poop comes in contact with it, some chemical interactions occur between the remnant disinfectant and the bacteria surrounding the poop. It is not uncommon for people to use different kinds of disinfectants, cleaners and deodorizers on their toilets, and this adds to the possibility of poop fuming because of some unforeseen chemical reaction that produces steam as a by product. Emanation of steam from poop isn’t anything to be worried about if it happens once in a while, however, it is advisable to pay the medical expert a visit if the problem persists.